Morning Pit Orchestra Rehearsals

The following Variety Show acts will include the Pit Orchestra, and therefore you need to rehearse with them prior to being on stage. Please report to the Orchestra Room 5 minutes prior to your start time. Please do not be late. If you have a conflict, please let me know ASAP. Thanks!

Monday 2/11 6:55-7:30 AM
“The World is Ours”
Ladies First

“Million Dreams”
Ida Tello, Kelsey Choi, Bella Kim, Joanna Kim, Lindsay Thurber, Thane Gesite


Tuesday 2/12 6:55-7:30 AM
“This is Me”
Vocal Ensemble & Erin Rosenfeld

“Gone, Gone, Gone”
Vocal Ensemble, Emily MacDonald

“Wind Beneath My Wings”
Vocal Ensemble, Isabel Reynes


Wednesday 2/13 6:55-7:30 AM
“Warrior” Medley
Vocal Ensemble

Vocal Ensemble

“Born This Way”
Ladies of Vocal Ensemble


Thursday 2/14 6:55-7:30 AM
Men of GBN

“Shir Tikvah”
Anya Eydelman, Ilana Eydelman

Friday 2/15 6:55-7:30 AM
“Seven Nation Army”

Half of Vocal Ensemble

Half of Vocal Ensemble, Quinn Cassell, Gabe Ryder

“Gold & Silver”
arly Meyer