Tuesday Rehearsal Schedule

3:15 PM: Check-In in the Drama Room
3:15 PM: Pit meet in the CPA for rehearsal
3:25 PM: "Seven Nation Army" Dance Ensemble to CPA
3:35 PM: Dance Ensemble and Vocal Ensemble to CPA for "This is Me"/"Believin'"
3:45 PM: All-Cast Meeting in the CPA
3:50 PM: Vocal Ensemble get microphones/sound check
4:00 PM: Begin run-through
6:45 PM: Predicted end time
6:45-8:00 PM: Troubleshoot acts as necessary

In general, we have been very pleased with the improvement in your behavior. Here are just a few reminders from today:

- You are NOT ALLOWED in the CPA to watch acts. You must be in designated areas and keeping track of where we are in the show.

- Be on time for your acts. The show will not wait for you. You need to give yourself plenty of time to get a microphone (if applicable) and be ready to go prior to your act start time.

- Make sure your microphones are turned on.

- You need to hustle into your places. On the blackout before your act, get to your spot quickly and silently.

- Let's sell some tickets! We are behind on ticket sales, so sell sell SELL!

- Please be respectful of people trying to study.

- There is no food provided tomorrow, so please bring snacks as needed.

- YOU CANNOT BRING YOUR PHONE ON STAGE!! I promise you can use your phones to your heart's desire (and follow us on Instagram!) after you are done with your act.