Sunday Rehearsal Schedule

Hello everyone,

Great job today! A lot of progress was made on each act. We appreciate your patience as we make gear up for our run-throughs.

SENIOR ACT: Be respectful. I heard you had a big talking to from our crew members, and I expect that will not happen again. We will not hesitate to remove people from the show if there is excessive rudeness. Additionally, if you are in a position on a set piece, please watch out for the lights.

For everyone, tomorrow is our first "stumble-through" the show, which means we hope to go straight from one act to another. If we need to stop, we will. You need to enter and exit in blackout on the correct side of the stage just as you would in the show. Plan to go straight into your act unless we tell you otherwise. Full costume, AND FULL HAIR AND MAKEUP.

Here is the schedule:

12:00 PM: Vocal Ensemble meet in Choir Room for review

12:30 PM: Dance Ensemble call (VE sound check, DE warm-up in Dance Studio)

12:45 PM: Pit call in the Band Room

1:00 PM: Gold and Silver rehearse in the Band Room

1:15 PM: Colin Hanus to CPA for sound check

1:30 PM: Everyone else attendance check-in in the DRAMA ROOM

1:45 PM: All-Cast Meeting in the CPA

2:00 PM: Begin run-through

7:00 PM: Projected end time

EAT LUNCH before you arrive. BRING SNACKS! Food will not be provided.

You MUST stay until the end of the rehearsal. We WILL be doing bows. We will dismiss you ALL at the same time. Failure to stay until the end of rehearsal will result in dismissal from the show.

Tomorrow will be a long (but fun) day. Bring games! Homework! Practice your acts! Make new friends! Follow our Instagram! The more positive we can keep our attitudes, the better everything will be.

Thanks, all! We're getting there!