Saturday Rehearsal Schedule

Here is a full breakdown for rehearsal tomorrow:

10:00-11:30 AM - Pit Orchestra ONLY
11:00 AM - Vocal Ensemble call
11:30 AM - Vocal Ensemble sound check
12:20-12:30 PM - Act 1 attendance in the DRAMA ROOM
12:30-5:00 PM - Act 1 rehearsal (with full tech)
5:20-5:30 PM - Act 2 attendance (CHOIR ROOM for Senior Act, DRAMA ROOM for everyone else)
5:30-10:00 PM - Act 2 rehearsal (with full tech)

- After your attendance is taken, please sit in the CPA for announcements

- Everyone should be in full costume for each act

- You are dismissed when your act is complete

- Please bring snacks and materials to study/keep you occupied when you are not on stage

Do not leave the school until you are dismissed