Wednesday (2/20) Invited Dress Rehearsal

On Wednesday, 2/20, we will be having our final dress rehearsal. As has been done in the past, this is an invited dress rehearsal for family members that meet the following requirements:

1. A family member that cannot attend a regular show due to a mandatory conflict.

2. A family member that will be taping the show for someone who cannot attend a regular show.

If you have someone that meets this criteria, they may attend on Wednesday. FYI, we are offering a recording of our evening performances. It is not necessary to have someone come to tape if you plan to get the performance tape. Taping will NOT be allowed by audience members during the Thurs-Sat performances.

For this invited dress, we have a very strict door policy. Anyone who wants to get in MUST be on the list. To put someone on this list, I need the following information:

1. Name of attendee.

2. Number of additional guests.

3. Reason for attendance.

Please send this information to There is a firm deadline of 3:00PM on Wednesday, 2/20, to turn this in. I will be printing off the list at that time and will not add any additional people.

For those attending, doors will open at 3:40 PM. The dress rehearsal will begin around 4:00 PM and could last anywhere from two and a half to three hours depending on if we need to make stops/corrections.

Again, if they are not on the list, we will turn them away. This is not a free performance for anyone who wants to come.